Referral for Support

 Prior to completing this referral form please read the pathways of support guidance on our website

Client Details
Referral for Support
This scheme supports clients to access video calls with a trained volunteer. When face to face contact is not possible, video calls enable clients to receive remote support from Speak With IT. On Zoom, people with aphasia can access therapy apps or supported conversation activities by utilising the screen sharing option with guidance from their volunteer.
Background information
Please provide all the relevant information pertaining to your client’s communication difficulties and any other relevant information that will help us to provide support. This may include details of any specific apps of therapy exercises the client is currently using.
e.g. do they attend any groups for support?
The charity now offers a 6 week online course for the family members and friends of a person with aphasia/apraxia of speech which helps to build their understanding of the condition. The course seeks to develop skills around supported conversation and the use of technology to support communication.
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Pathway of Support
Speak With IT request that clients are annually assessed by one of the charity’s speech and language therapists to ensure guidance is up to date and ask that clients make a £25 contribution towards the cost of this assessment.